Friday, August 15, 2008

Wolf SL Fork Failure 2

I don't like to repeat scenarios but here's another Wolf SL Fork failure situation. I posted a similar one some months back [See previous post].

I found this on the Cervelo forum. The thread starter, Haroon said :

I bought my Soloist SLC-SL in March '07 (just over a year) ridden about ~6,500 miles and yesterday the fork failed. See picture.

I don't want to be an alarmist but no matter what top of the line bike you have - Cervelo or Colnago, carbon fiber will be carbon fiber. This scenario, in particular, is a pretty dangerous one and if you love your family... you would take precautions installing something like a fork with a carbon steerer tube. I'd always rethink which local bike shop I let handle the installation.

Someone from the same thread posted his own picture of Wolf SL fork nearing failure. The carve on the tube is what will eventually lead to a breakage. Take care, riders! I keep posting pictures like this to remind you that fork failures are not FUN! There is no sane reason whatsoever to risk life in order to enjoy your favorite sport.


Anonymous said...

Seems the AL insert was missing here again?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is always a good idea to put carbon spacers on a all cabon fork as a safety thing. Max stack height for a 31.8 is 31.8. This is the main reason that, even though I have an all carbon fork, I use ALuminum stem and handle bars, like Easton Ea90 stem and Ea70 wing bars, on my Merckx. It eliminates that nightmare, in sleep, I sometimes have of going downhill and the handlebars breaking off, just as bad as the nightmare of standing down at the bus stop naked. I prefer to descend without abandon.

J.J said...

Seeing your posts like these make me fall in love with my old steel Lemond so much more.