Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1991 Colnago Ferrari C35 Collector's Edition

I wish I were friends with Alex Wong. Because he happens to have something I don't.

Mr. Wong has put up a collector's edition of a 1991 Colnago C35 up on EBAY, carved in red carbon fiber composite and 24K plated gold. Bling bling!

I thought the seller's description was interesting.

Mr. Wong says (unedited) : "In the summer of 1991, I was invited by Ferrari to visit the factory and test drive an Ferrari F40 that I have purchased, which I took delivery on September. While at the factory, I purchase this Ferrari Cologna C35 in Ferrari Red at the Ferrari store across the street from the factory, for $ 8,000 US (that was while US dollar was at the strongest), I had it ship back to the US. I don’t ride bicycle, this was mean to be a collector piece, I had this bike since then, it has never been ridden, and it is in museum quality."

Now it is quite apparent that Mr. Wong, even though rich beyond doubt, doesn't ride a bicycle as he had the audacity not only to spell words horribly wrong, but also call a Colnago a "Cologna" and describe it as a 'mean' collector's piece. I now think there is no justice done with this bike sitting at his home.

So go and bid here if you're crazy. I like the pictures.


Badger said...

They were just coming out the 80's back then Chris so we have to give them a break for not putting glitter or something else ridiculous on the bike

Fritz said...

Dig that old stem, threaded headset and fork crown.

It looks like that dropout might have some front to back play in it -- if Alex mentioned that and pointed out it's perfect for fixie conversion he's get all kinds of bids!

Anonymous said...

I smell a scam with this ad? same photos & story its listed in Fl CL
for 4,000.00 one of many ads with same story and pics.