Saturday, July 28, 2007

Robbie's Ridley Noah

Bad ass bike for a bad ass sprinter. Boy, I can just stare at this for hours. By the way, that saddle you see there. Its the San Marco Regal saddle, famous for being used by top sprinters like Boonen and Robbie. This white leather version, especially with the san marco logo embroidered on the leather is so damn rare that I spent 5 days looking all over the internet for one.

After countless hours of research I found there probably might only be two sources you can get this saddle from.

1) A beautiful plain white leather with copper rivets and Ti rails from Richard Sach's website here.

2) Or, with logo on it, from Cecil Walker Cycles from Australia! (As of today 29th July, their website was not working. Keep trying. They're a reputed store.)

Go get yourself one if you have the cash, and you'll seriously thank me for it.

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