Sunday, July 29, 2007

Congratulacion Alberto!

Alberto Contador wins the Tour de France. After an amazing ride of a little over 90 hours in the saddle (thats almost 4 continous days, and 3000 kms!), 24 year old has given a fresh face to put on in the record books. What a finish to the greatest race in the world.

Ever since I saw him on's Paris Nice final stage, I knew it took someone extraordinary to pull the victory from Rebellin in such a dramatic way. I was an instant fan then, amazed and surprised altogether at this unheard of name in pro cycling! Ofcourse, I still love Rebellin and wish he had done the Tour.

Looks like Boonen eased off in the final sprint in Paris. Obviously, whats the point of pushing yourself like a silly lad when you know that all those top 5 sprinters were going to end up with the same times. Benatti was awesome though and cunning as a fox, after sucking the wheel of Boonen's leadout guy. 2nd stage victory and lots of paychecks for him! Speaking of sprint, I do have to encourage you to watch Robbie Hunter's hammering style. The bike is all over the road, rocking from side to side like as if the evil spirits in the frame underneath him want to pop out and be set free of the torture. Boy, he's gotta learn to keep his line, and also time his kick.

Lets put the tour aside now. The stories of the past 20 days will make good discussion over a cup of tea for the years to come.

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