Monday, October 16, 2006

What Muscles Are You Using to Pedal?


I also read the book Biomechanics of Sport, by Christopher L. Vaughan and obtained the following neat little table on page 312. EMG analysis of muscles were done in 5 different cycling scenarios and the results show which muscles are used predominantly when.

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carpetfiber101 said...

wow, these muscle diagrams of the pedal stroke are really awesome, I've never seen them before. Where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

Vastus Medalis is used to a greater extent in the aero-position when compared with the normal upright position. As I understand it, it is taking on some of the role of the glutes putting it's "colour smear" on your image at about 3 o'clock where the rector femoris is taking over. It's the first part of the knee extensor group to become activated

Anonymous said...

It is interesting no mention is made of the lower back muscles that are not evident, but nevertheless very active in pedaling motion. It all starts from the torso.