Saturday, September 9, 2017

Alberto Contador On His Final Angliru : Climbing Speed & Power to Weight Ratio

This post is modeled on the calculation method shown in a past post where I calculated Contador's VAM and power to weight ratio on the Angliru during the 2008 Vuelta a'Espana.

Today, Contador won the final mountain stage of the Vuelta, and again on the Alto d'Angliru.

My preliminary calculation suggests that Contador climbed 950 height meters in a time of roughly 35 minutes. I clocked his climbing time from the 9.3K to go mark.

The estimation is therefore :

The Ferrari method to estimate power to watt ratio is therefore :

His VAM today is less than my estimation for his 2008 VAM (done for the last 4K and quite high due to road steepness in the last sections), his power to weight ratio is also less than my estimation for his 2008 power to weight ratio. 

However, reductions seem reasonable for a man at the twilight of his career and do not make room for suspicion. The power to weight ratio displayed at the end of a grand tour is remarkable nevertheless.

This is a clean performance unless further data instructed otherwise. 

The calculations are based on the following raw data.

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