Monday, October 15, 2012

Felix Baumgartner's Ascend Data Plot

Following up on aeronautics and human performance appears to be a strong past time of mine. I don't have the cajones to do anything like I what I saw today live. But...having nothing interesting to do on a Sunday, I decided to collect 1 min sample data for the point leading up to the jump. The data came from the streamed telemetry on Red Bull's Youtube channel. How much difference that had compared to the actual instruments, I do not know. What is interesting to see is the variation of the outside temperature with altitude (blue line) as it crosses the 50000 ft point. You can also see things like the ascend rate lulling between 40 and 80 minutes and altitude leveling off at 128,000 as the helium was vented and the capsule depressurized to facilitate the jump. What would have been great to check out is how the ground speed varied, as the capsule came into contact with the easterly jet streams at some point.

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