Saturday, July 24, 2010

ABC Nightline Interview With Floyd Landis

UPDATE : It looks like ABC got rid of the Nightline interviews with Floyd Landis which were on their website upto this afternoon.  They suddenly disappeared. We obtained another full copy of the show from Hulu.

I recorded almost 15 minutes of it, but missed out the last 2 minutes of the ending sequence with Betsy Andreu, who came across as a very bold, confident woman not afraid to face the cameras. The whole interview as televised was short, much to my chagrin, in spite of ABC claiming they had over 90 minutes of talk time with Floyd.
Main highlights of the Nightline segment : 

1) There is no Santa Claus in cycling. He hates to break it to people. He's not afraid to tell it. 
2) If Lance didn't win the Tour, someone else would have won it and every single one of them was doped to the gills.
3) He was given testosterone patches by Lance Armstrong.
4) He saw Lance take PED's like EPO and blood boosters at several training camps "multiple times".
5) Team U.S Postal riders would dope on the team bus, 300mL of blood or so typical.
6) The team checked into several anonymous hotels to dope. Techniques, among others, included taping blood bags on room walls overhead. Gravity then played its role as the blood entered through the veins of the riders. One or two doctors always supervised.
7) He feels relieved telling the truth. He never felt at ease lying before.

Full episode (only available in the U.S) :

The following are low quality backups (with sync issues) in case Hulu decides to go zulu on us : 

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