Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jack Bobridge : Pure & Fastest

"Bike Pure rider, the calm and collected Aussie, Jack Bobridge broke cycling’s sound barrier today (2/2/2010) at the Australian national Track championships. Jack won the World U23 time trial championships last September and retained speed over the winter to set this amazing time. He recorded a time of 4 minutes 14.427 in the individual 4,000m pursuit. Yes – 4 minutes 14 seconds! This is the third fastest time in history, and the quickest-ever using a ‘regular’ position. The Garmin pro’s time has only been beaten by Chris Boardman, then using the now-banned ‘Superman’, where the body is suspended in an arrow position, invented by the revolutionary Scot, Graham Obree."

Perhaps more than the record, I admire clean, calm and collected riders. It's like 100% zero transfat fries. :)

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