Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Stupidity VI

Laugh the weekend away for me, will ya?....

By the way, Cozy Beehive has officially chosen the following piece as its soundtrack. Let's apply it to bicycles. I'm already dancing. Can you keep up?


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* * *


Magnus said...

great choice for a soundtrack! i remember playing that like a thousand times in the 90's.

Would you join the ride
When you cross the line
And be right by my side
I will be the one
That will make you fly
So come on join the joyride

Tell me what I do, tell me what I do
One to one that I want to groove
Tell me what, what I want to do
I wanna ride, I wanna ride with you

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the TT would have turned out if Bert showed up. He totally embarrassed Cancellara at the TDF. Regardless, the time differece between Martin and Cancellara is just unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Cancellera lost to Alberto in the TT because he's not a true Grand Tour rider as Contador undoubtedly is! Fabian had to keep his objectives in mind for his team. He was needed for the Shlecks.