Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Stupidity V

Good morning.

Our acrobat, a certain Olympics gold medal winner from Switzerland, is seemingly in a breakaway in the Tour de France. Of course, not many took notice as all this happened way behind. A video essay of the day's hard work....behind the peloton :

In other big news, two prominent persons broke their wrists in the world this week.

One came out of plain overuse, as this picture, this picture, this picture and this picture suggests. Isn't it said, "Thou shalt not use that arm in vain"?

The other was borne out of trying arm wrestling with Alberto Contador in order to get under his skin. Il resulto :

Somewhere else, a winner's ordeal didn't get over with the race :

But another one's ordeal ended in rightful emotion.

In the style category, to the ladies --> this is how to dress and walk past a cyclist. The cyclist's appreciation is then administered thus :

AND NOT, I repeat...NOT... like this :

It seems teams are not just limiting the yellow color to kits, bikes and urine bottles.

Yellow food. For God's sake, when will this stop?

The other headlines to grace the pages of the Web is something I get a kick out of. So Hinault says Armstrong will win this year's Tour, not.... The Frenchman, who was once a badger, also says he doesn't give a badger's bottom about Armstrong, adding "There’s also the language barrier, so we’ve never been able to speak man to man."

I thought Armstrong was fluent in French? LOL.

So what's wrong?

Upon closer observation, it seems it's Mr. Hinault who is at fault because he got the Crest toothpaste's punchline all wrong.

See, 'You Can Say Anything With A Smile' becomes true if you'd only......

.....brush your teeth (Ouch...)

Even though they don't talk much to each other, I'd imagine the invisible conversation between both would be a Nike Driven struggle of this order :


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Phil said...

Funny stuff man! Thanks for the laughs. Really looking forward to Stage 15 tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

LOl,its not about me for sure. Its about Contador. Bet he's going to drop Armstrong like a sack of sh*t tomorrow.

Bike_Boy said...

I think I'll be in yellow tomorrow. I'm going for a sufferfest ride in the morning.