Thursday, January 15, 2009

UPS Damages Steel Bike In Style

During the last holiday season, UPS was making big ooos and awes with its 'green' delivery program on bicycles instead of relying on trucks. But irony has it that these guys still don't know how to package and deliver a bicycle properly.

UPS..aka United Parcel Smasher.. has found its latest victims, this time none other than the popular bike retailer Competitive Cyclist and one of their customers.

One first look at the shady exterior of box and you wonder whether the cardboard was used as asswipe, and later tossed out of a helicopter circling high above customer's house.

Unboxing it revealed the corpse of what was originally a sweet Pegoretti Marcelo. Now it looked as if it was chewed on by a big, ugly crocodile to form a Pegoretti Marshmellow.

The frame was 'professionally' packaged like a porn star, with about the same amount of protective cladding as Pamela Anderson had in her best days.

The autopsy shows that this baby went through some serious hurt, enough to send Dario Pegoretti foaming in the mouth, and convulsing in his workshop.

More Pics Here

After such an expert wreck, UPS may still whisper lovingly :

"What can Brown do for you?"

"Please! I fall on my knees and plead, nothing more! Just acknowledge the pile of claim forms I'll be sending you with utmost fury. "

...."Oh...and just wondering...should I ship that through you or Fedex?"

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Biketrooper said...

Lol. Seems like it was run over. Merciless!

anon said...

Admittedly the bike was sparsely packaged at best - e.g., I don't see a block for the rear dropouts. But even a double-double wall corrugated box and the appropriate blocks and padding are not going to protect against the force required to push a brake mount thru a seat stay and bend and snap off a dropout at the weld.

GenghisKhan said...

I used to be one of those smashers of united parcels and I've seen some stuff! Definitely best to go with any and all insurance on your goods, if you value them, that is!

Anonymous said...

Yokota : Lets not get any wrong ideas here. Even packaging wouldn't have helped if the frame had to go through this in transit! There also appears to have been sheer ignorance from the delivery guy. He could have very well seen how damaged this bike is, yet he happily delivered it to the customer. Owing to your accidents is one thing, ignorance is another.

Bluenoser said...

This just makes me feel sick. You pay good money to have something delivered and this is what you get. Not only that but I dream of being able to someday buy a frame from Dario and well...

I could go on forever about this but I'm just sick, and so must be Dario.


Brian said...

Filing a claim is easy. The difficult part will be getting UPS to ackowledge their mistake. Eventually they'll find some loophole in their written contracts to avoid paying the cost for the damages.