Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Swiss Celebrate New Year With MTB Snow Race

Cyclists ride bikes on the ski slopes in the alpine resort of Villars, Switzerland, during the New Year's Eve mountain bike snow race. Nearly 100 cyclists rode the 5 km track on snow. Villars-Gyron is a popular ski resort located at 1300m in the Lake Geneva Region. Now this is a New Year's party! Make sure you check out some breathtaking pictures of the local scenery here.


Groover said...

Looks like more fun to do it on ski. But that's just my opinion. I love skiing and just don't get to do it very often so going down a snow covered mountain on a bike looks like wasting a perfect skiing day to me ... :-)

Donald said...

Yee Haw... those guys know how to ring in the new year! Looks fun to try at least once.

Will said...

Cool! I watched some winter cycling racing on the ski slopes at Val d'Isere (French Alps)
last year .... amazing.

PS - Villars is half way up Col de la Croix a stunning hors categorie climb Sometimes in the Tour of Switzerland and Tour of Romandie


Ron said...

Will : I have always enjoyed reading of your adventures on the cols. Love hte Flickr pics. What kind of tires do you use on your bike? Still cant see how you manage to bike in knee deep snow.