Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adventures Closer To Home : A Little Deeper Into Allegany County

Bach - Minueto e Badinerie - Orquestra Filarmônica de Rádio Hamburgo

TEMP ---> 6 Deg C (43 Deg F)

Here's another day of beautiful riding in the Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties, visiting the little towns and hamlets of Portville, Genesee, Bedford Corners, Mill Grove and Barnum.

I realize that the last set of pics from Saturday were a little dull. I changed the settings manually on my camera so I could capture images better. Note that all of these have been taken while riding, in the true spirit of ciclofotografica!

Riding towards Mt. Herman to get out of Olean

Steam Valley Road

Short and steep may be a good warm up for the ride

Cows doing what cows do..

Scenery by West River Road

Promised Land Rd, Portville

Riding a dog? This is the way to do it!

Unpaved steep sections + dead end, nice

Lets go to Butternut Brook

Community of Genesee, very peaceful out here


Gradient kicks in

Probably 6% at best

Top of Butternut Brook

Deer Creek Road

Nouvoo Unpaved

Locals warned me of 5 black bears around this area

The fact that they knew their numbers made me turn back, dang!

Climbing Deer Creek again

Deer Creek turns into mild dirt

Deer Creek is 4-5 miles long, with average 3%. It was a great road to ride on!

Deer Creek Road peak

Deer Creek and Coon intersection is an apparent switchback

The sun is bright, but the cold gets into you somehow

Downhill on Coon Hollow

The beautiful Rt 305 back to Bedford Corners and Portville

Exiting Allegany County to Cattaraugus

Mill Grove.. we'll take a right turn here....

River Road is a serene cycling experience

Turn right onto Barnum Road

Barnum Road takes you up to Rock City Hill, so it gains elevation with a 3.1% average slope for 4 miles or so

I don't like this road since there's hardly a shoulder to ride on

But thats what makes it challenging. Its windy, so you better be seen climbing by a motorist

The gradient here is a constant 5%, for 1 or 2 miles

The top of Barnum. "Its all downhill from here"

Barnum gets us to Rt 16. If you go left, you get to Rock City Hill. If you go right, its all downhill for 3 miles. Time to take the downhill this time and go home!!


Anonymous said...

I feel like I was actually on a ride with you! Great pics from your part of the world.

And stay away from Black bears!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of riders going to capturing video while riding. While this is great to see the action, I think pictures capture the true beauty of the environment, and they're always frozen in time. You've encouraged me a lot to get out there and ride!

Bluenoser said...

Nice pics ron. Looks like good climbing country. The kid with the dog will do ok till the dog sees his first cat then he'll wish the leash wasn't over his wrist.

In Holland my boss says the dogs are taught to heel along side the bikes so no leash is needed.


Anonymous said...

I'd probably teach my dog to do the same but it won't be on your average busy street.

Ron said...

Dogs usually chase me when I'm on my bicycle. I'm not so nervous about my safety as I pass some guy riding his dog as much as the other rider himself who gets yanked as the dog bolts after me ;)

AustinBikeBlog said...

That's a fantastic ride... beautiful hills, great fall color. We don't have any fall color going yet here in Austin at all, probably not for another month I would bet.

I loved looking at your photos. What's the traffic load usually like on those back roads?