Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Oncoming Retro Trend, Powerway Hubs Etc...

1. RETRO TREND IN BICYCLE DESIGN : If you're a keen observer of the design world, the blending of the retro with the modern is the latest trend. Some say its even the future. Retro is now seemingly everywhere, from automobiles to home interiors to fashion design. Its also extending to bicycles. The retro trend is honing in on bicycle design in places like Germany, says an Earth Times article. And different bicycle manufacturers have different design ideas for style. Some interesting statements in the article were about Cannondale and Volkswagen :

Carmakers such as Volkswagen have also discovered the retro trend in bicycles, reissuing two series of Bonanza bikes whose features includes banana seats, high handle bars and three gears. The company has produced 500 each of the models 1976 and Goal. The bike costs around 350 euros in Germany. While Volkswagen emphasizes originality in its remakes and Bergamont is using new materials to spur on a spirit of old bicycle purism, the manufacturer Cannondale is combining modern engineering with a classic appearance indicating a direction that the retro trend could take. Cannondale's 2008 model Vintage looks like a bicycle of yesteryear with its black matt finish and natural-coloured leather seat and handle bar grips. But the classic facade conceals modern-day accessories such as hydraulic disc brakes and an automatic lighting system.

: Speaking of vintage bikes, remember the Cannondale pong prototype? Bizarre but really cool looking. James at Bicycle Design had a take on it on his blog two years back.

On a somewhat related retro note, an interesting shop called Derringer Cycles in LA, California and its industrial designer founder, Adrian Van Anz, carry the design system of thought that the most ideal urban vehicle is a cross between a Ducati and a vintage Schwinn, with a style that picks the athletic image of a board track racer. However, it must be said that it is still considered a motorcycle.

I have not seen many plug a 49cc 4 stroke Honda engine in place of water bottle cages and a multigallon fuel tank on the top tube of a retro pedal bike before, so this is a treat for the eyes. Did someone point out to proper stand over heights and blasphemous Q-Factors?! Hell yeah!

I have to admit that I have not seen a well designed and gorgeous looking wheel hub anywhere like a Chris King. But the Taiwanese do know a thing or two about style as well.

I'm very interested to know more about this whole patented 'O Cricoid Spring' design with 6 pawls. Sounds a lot like Greek to me right now. When it comes to putting quality information for the potential customer on their website, the Asians are a little behind.

Apparently, the man at Power-way had a case of writer's block while on the side, also managed to mangle the English language like some Caterpiller D9 Bulldozer.

Rest said, Power-way, we like your purts and Princippies!


Ron said...

Sure, I would like to fabricate a bicycle, and the motivation would be the fun through all what could be learned. I've always wanted to take a framebuilding class when I settle down. But that may be any time soon with the kind of job I'm doing now.

Chris said...

I have a retro bike that I love to get out on. It just has a whole different feel and gives you a different kind of motivation.