Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moulton Stops Blogging, Lance's Leadville Machine, Cycling Injury Checklist....

Good afternoon to you all. Hope the weather is nice out there wherever you are and your legs are sore from angry rides this week. Lets see whats the buzz in velo world. I also call them "cycling shorts", a perfect pun for short news.

Some safety moments to start off first....

1. Cyclist's Collision Checklist : Say you unfortunately got into a collision with a vehicle while riding your bike. What must you do? Read this.Obviously its hard to keep your head straight after taking the shock and injury related with the fall, but nevertheless, its pays to have an idea of what actions to take to ensure your safety post-collision. There are 9-10 basic steps to follow, but missing some, if not the important ones, may still lead to you getting your compensation. Make a printout if you have to and stick one on your refrigerator.

2. Miami Cabbie Rams Into 11 Cyclists :

Wonderful cabbie fell asleep at the wheel on a nice morning. What happens next?

The appalling picture above speaks for itself. Read the entire story on the incident here.

3. TREK Project One :
TREK's Project One, the bike customization app through TREK's website, will go live on September 9th this year. Though I don't own a new Madone myself, I deem you'll have pleasure in coloring your own bike and making it look the way you want, even though you'll still ride at the same speed.

The New P-One is apprently free! - no price increases and the bike will still be delivered in 2 weeks. Read more here.

4. Lance's Leadville Machine : Speaking of TREK, almost all of you may have seen Lance deliver in this year's Leadville 100, the first official bike race he has attempted since retiring as an animal some 2-3 years ago.

What did he ride at the race? Curious? Word is that this bike was 2 pounds lighter than the one he was originally planning to race on. Read more here.

TREK 9.9 Top Fuel

5. Dave Moulton Stops Writing : Everyone's favorite bike blogger and ex-framebuilder Dave Moulton, has decided to call it quits on his blog. As much as I loved reading many of his quality articles on various topics in biking, I also respect his decision to do something else for a change. Blogging is not life. I wish him the very best.

Read more here on what Dave had to say on his decision. I encourage you to dig into his articles if you haven't yet.

6. The New Amsterdam Project : Finally, businesses are changing the way they do things due to rising energy prices. One bicycle related casestudy in Cambridge, MA that appeared on cable news a while back :

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