Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tour de Cattaraugus Area 5 : Humphrey and Around


While the boys in the Tour de France hit the sick Col de Agnel tomorrow in stage 15 (3rd highest paved road in France), I continue my cute little tour of Cattaraugus. I know right, totallly amateur! Ha..!

Previously, you may remember that I had cycled to some places both north and south of Olean in Areas 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Here's Area 5 and the gradient profile of the 60 mile or so route.

My 5.5 hour on-saddle adventure today saw me first in Humphrey, tackling the appetizer Chapel Hill and the unpaved Howe Hill (private wooded hunting lands on both sides).

Then I got into Franklinville, eating up Fish and Laidlaw hills that were nothing really until the creepy Pierce Hill really dished out a workout. This was a pretty steep unpaved climb that gained atleast a 1000 feet in elevation over 1 or 2 miles. Pictures are below.

Just when I thought my heart would pop out of my chest, I had to handle the steep and jittery downhill!

Damn. I was done with Franklinville.

Next, I crossed into Ischua and met the gregarious Dutch Hill. It was paved, hurray! Dutch Hill road takes you up the Ichua Valley to about 2200+ feet or so, very close to the highest treeline. The views from up there were great.

Finally, I hit the unpaved Maple Hill and went a little into Union Valley and Smith Hollow but having been reminded that I needed to be home back soon to run errands, I turned back, hit rt 16 and rode down to Olean.

So here are the conquests of the day :

And below is my cyclophotography, all done riding with a handheld camera, placed in my jersey pocket. Out in the country, all by myself and not a thing to worry about.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from my saddle.

Long way to go (5 mile road)

Chapel Hill begins here

Climb begins

This is one of those fancy pancy bikes (click here to see my bike and its components)

Howe Hill begins

Loose gravel section of Howe

Warning sign for trucks

The view from atop Howe

Fish Hill

Atop Laidlow

Can't bike up there, can I?

Great view

It was so hot today that tar was melting (here is melted tar on my tire)

There's no weekend for farmers

Horse country

A store in Franklinville

What are bikes doing with liquor bottles?

No cyclocomputer needed nor a GPS.. here's my GPS - directions written on Flash cards (I'm such a nerd!)

Rt 16 South

Fancy cars...

.... poor drivers, they must be tired

Pierce Hill begins

Lovely view on both sides

Unkept and uncouth - Pierce Hill

Looking back at how much I climbed - Pierce Hill


The famous Dutch Hill

Picture taken as I was climbing Dutch Hill

Behind me - so far, so good..

More views from atop Dutch Hill

Just at about treeline (2200+ feet)

Found this on the side of the road (rt. 16 south)

I'll fly it :)

Turns out, its a memorial ground


Anonymous said...

I couldn't put a ride better in pictures that you. Great blog!

Groover said...

Nice bike. Zero gravity brakes - how do you like them? Beautiful part of the world you are riding in. Thanks for the picture tour. I love seeing other parts of the world so please keep taking your camera on your rides. :-)

Ron said...

Zero gravity .... to be very honest with you, I'd take that off now and just put on some conventional brakes. They're just lightweight, performance has been bad.

James said...

Wow Ron, I feel like I was on the ride with you. Great pictures.