Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ethics, Doping and the Future of Cycling

Graphic courtesy : Cozy Beehive

Yet another tour, yet more cheaters.

Why do cyclists resort to this behavior? And what is the future of cycling?

Here's a one hour discussion between Gwen Knapp and former 3 time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond at the Commonwealth Club of California in Santa Clara. Gwen is a staff writer for the sports section of the San Francisco Chronicle. David Decosse, director of Campus Ethics Program at Santa Clara University, introduces them both in the beginning. Video courtesy goes to Fora.TV.

Note : Video may take a few minutes to load depending on your internet connection.

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1 comment:

AMRcyclist said...

Finding reasons for cheating
Or using drugs in sport, isn't
Really hard. First and foremost,
So much comes with winning that
Enterprenerial mobs infuse, like
Xenon, the minds of the anxious.