Friday, July 11, 2008

Bell Volt Design

I was looking at the new Bell Volt helmet.

You can read about the special features of this helmet here, one of them being the so called "Streamjet" channels to force hot air out of the helmet.

I guess Streamjet is good. Brainjet is bad.

Anyway, I looked at the rear side design, through another one of Ben's photos...

and compared it to the older Sweep R.

I think the above is a better design, in terms of not letting unsupported foam and polymer sticking out like in the older helmet below.
I circled this portion in red. There's a good 1 inch of unsupported material acting like a cantilever and I already showed you why this isn't good in a previous post. There have been many people complaining of foam and plastic (particularly foam) prematurely breaking off right on that section.

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