Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Reconnaissance Ride-Hike

My legs felt like wood and I had a lingering headache from early morning today. Nevertheless, I decided to sneak in shorter ride since I knew there'd be plenty of uphills. The thunderstorms were going to hit later on.

Well, lets just say I got lost.

Most of the roads I took were totally unpaved, which I had hardly expected. Wayman Branch led to Indiana Ave which was 10-12% average gradient at best, and at some points it got really steep. I rode half of it, then my wheels started losing traction. The rains yesterday had gotten the mud wet and puddles were everywhere.

I climbed all that way and then looked back...

More climbing ahead

I lost all momentum and the next half hour was my hiking trip in Lycra and Speedplay cleats. Hiking in speedplay, uphill. I hoped no one would catch me in the act.

For a while it was fun.

Then it got interesting as I spotted this sign.

Then I started hearing weird sounds in the woods and watched a huge bird fly high above my head.

Then I gulped and quickened my pace. I have heard locals here talk about bears.

Deserted Houses....

Check out the gradient...

I think I got an idea of my orientation and somehow hit paved road. I caught an accident in action.

I hope no one was hurt.

I think I had too much going on this past week with the moving and all.

I'm bailing out for another 4 days since I'll be in Texas so hang on until then. I hope to do some chillaxing in the 100 degree weather.

Here's a crazy fun piece from Mademoiselle!! Take care, all!

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