Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Reconnaissance Ride

After a busy but exciting first week of orientation at D-R, I was able to do a shorter ride on Friday on the fixie around the neighbourhood. Judging by the short steep hills. I think I was fine for the most part, never overgeared.

Today, I met with some local champs from the area. I always like making new friends, and so these guys would show me which roads featured all the nice hills.

So I conveniently skipped breakfast like I always do in excitement and hit the road for a 30-40 mile ride, with plenty of nice climbing and high speed descents.

But the one thing that struck me throughout the ride is how magnificently beautiful this area is. The backroads out in the country took us along water bodies and plenty of big forested hills and the air was just fresh for a great morning ride. Looks like I just got to the right place.

On the right is my nice little apartment

New friends.. there are always serious riders around, its just a matter of looking :)

At the start of a steep climb

3320 ft high up, nice...

As you can see, this area is heavily forested and gets plenty of rainfall. Not far away from where I live is the Alleghany State Park, the largest of its kind in New York.

In two weeks, the Raccoon Rally road race will be held around there and its always a fun race to do. I'll be in Houston, Texas for the next one week for more orientations so no biking until Friday. It'll be just straight to the race. I hope I'll last... :)


Zach said...

Looks like you did pick a great place to live. Looks great!

Good luck at the Raccoon Rally, I would consider doing it if I wasn't working at the Tour of PA. Let us know how it goes!

Cycling Phun said...

Looks like your adapting very quickly to the new surroundings. Glad to see that. Hope all is well, wishes for continued success in the new place/job!