Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BBC Boston/Colden Part 2

Contd from Part 1

BBC Boston/Colden
May 25
Result : 14th in the Cat4/5 race

It was a nice day for racing on the 25th of last month. The course loop was short but quite hilly, some sections being particularly steep. The B race did the loop some 3 times.

One road was a fun, crazy downhill where I reached 60mph on two occasions. To top that with some danger, there was a railroad track running diagonally across the road! On the first lap going down that road, I lost my water bottle. Thats okay. I was safe on the bike. Phew.. You really have to come to these races prepared with good bike handling skills and a confident mindset. Otherwise, you're in for a nasty medical treat.

Course Profile

I came to the race with not much training as I had other things to do that previous week. Still, I thought it was nice that I was able to get on with a breakaway group early in the race, when we dropped pretty much half the field right then and there.

My friend Dave Horn attacked right off the bat, going up to the front and giving a heck of a time for everyone else. When this guy lays the hammer down, he's gone. Somehow I was not in the mindset to go catch his wheel. I'm not really sure what happened to me. Dave would later win the race, as he's been doing for all of the races so far in the area.

An unexciting but good finish for me. A local cycling coach quickly noticed my result and gave me a word of encouragement. Thanks, Frank!

My next race should be the Allegheny Raccoon Rally Road Race, June 27th. It will be only 15-20 miles away from my new home in Olean, where I can climb and climb and climb how much ever I want without bothering about nasty and difficult flats. :)

The race is a celebrated one and has a lot of climbing in store. Last year, I had a mid-pack finish. This time, I want to give it a considerably better shot.

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