Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ay'll Be Bach

First off, RIP Tim Russert. We lost one of the best journalists in the nation.

And finally for me, its goodbye Buffalo. I'm starting my new job with D-R in Olean, NY this Monday. I'll be back in 3-4 days, so do check in then!

Take signs seriously...

Aaah, this should do the trick.

Wow, don't we all go through this? Courtesy : Yehuda Moon



Bluenoser said...

Dresser hey ron. Big outfit, very PRO. I've dealt with them when I worked the offshore rigs.

Good luck in the new job.


Groover said...

Yes, we all are the Yehuda Moon cartoon character but don't we spend the $$$ much rather in new gadgets than gas? I do. :-)

All the best with the job. A job change is as good as a holiday - isn't that what they say?