Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Plan de Corones - Giro d'Italia 2008 Stage 16 TT

What : A never before used 8 mile uphill GRINDER with almost 3600 feet of climbing.

In Layman's Terms Please ? : "Hmm. let’s see… why don’t we start off with a gentle 16% hump leading up to a moderate 20% incline and finish up the stage on a 24% gravel road?" - Velo go go

Ideal Road Surface : Must be a little wet. Too wet or too dry both will result in loss of traction.

Gearing Used (Pro only!) : Bettini went with 34 x 28 T, Leipheimer apparently chose the same too - Cycle To

Danilo Di Luca, after a scout on the climb earlier this year, immediately said 34 x 29 T was ideal for him - EuroSport

Gearing (homely humans) - Multiply above with any number greater than 1.

A Nice Preview

Video courtesy : Holimites

Actual Stage 16 (English Coverage)

Video Courtesy : Miha2007

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Chris said...

Yeah, you can count me out. That would surely kill me. It seems a throwback to days gone by. Should be great to watch.