Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Dave's Thinking


(with sly, villianish smile).. 'mmmm, that team bonus for attracting further sponsorship will soon be mine.. Gillette, here I come!'


"Aaah! The pleasant sensations of hair after a hard race!"


(nodding to audience) "..yes yes, we did some test runs in the wind tunnel. this setup was more you know, aero... aaiyy sheynem dank!" (yiddish for thankyou)

Entrepreneur (Chamois Cream)

"These nuts is finally coming to fruition finally after years of tweaking different creams..."

A Better Idea

(with exasperation, faking podium smile) "..boy, I've gotten to such a bad plateau in fitness that shaving this off should add some speed. Ok, definitely tonight."

What do you think Dave's thinking?

Picture Courtesy : Frank Steele
Post Idea Courtesy : TDFBlog


Chris said...

I think he looks like a 70s detective.

Tracy said...

The song lyrics

"It's fun to stay at the YMCA...."