Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Click-Stand : Portable Folding Bicycle Stand

Its amazing that this post comes at a time when just two days back, I dreamt about the very same thing in the rapid eye movements of slumber - a custom made, convenient-to-carry, portable bike stand.

Tom Nostrand from Aberdeen, Washington has engineered this little gizmo from Easton Expedition Grade Aluminum Tubing, divided into foldable segments. The length and diameter of the tubing depends on the height of your bike and the load you carry, and how much you want it to fold. So there's three variants of the stand from a standard Click-Stand Classic that folds to 10 inches to the low profile Click Stand Mini that folds to a handsome 7.5-8.5 inches, perfect for a jersey pocket. Each weighs about the same as an inner tire tube (75-90 grams).

The idea is that this handy device will support the bicycle above its center of gravity, invoking more stability than traditional kickstands. Leaning your bike against another structure is always a free option but the Click-Stand is claimed to stand out in one area - gradients! I also see it very practical in cases where there is no free standing structure to tie/lock your bike against.

Apart from the requirement that you would need to measure the height of your bike prior to buying, another must have is a Brake Band to prevent your bike from rolling away and tipping over. A set of three comes with every purchase of Click-Stand. More info here.

Simple and effective, vero (right)?

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Bluenoser said...

They say in all creative endeavors Ron, you have to act quick. When you think of something there are ten others in the world that have the same thought.