Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cracks in Saddle Shell

First and foremost, famous bicycle guru Sheldon Brown is no more. Most of us serious cyclists must have touched upon his website at some point. The amount of knowledge and documentation he has provided on possibly every aspect of the bicycle is unmatched. The last conversation I had with him was sometime last July, where we talked about Colnago bicycles. He'll be really missed by the cycling community.

Shown below are some cracks on the underside of Chris' saddle. He has replaced it which is good for him.

Shells are, I would think, made of some kind of thermoplastic polymer. I'm also guessing crack propagation was from the sides towards the center, by looking at the picture For example, the first one on the left starts out from the groove just below the saddle covering. The second one seems to shoot out from the right pin all the way to the left. Also notice discoloration around attachment pins.

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