Saturday, October 6, 2007

Steps to a carbon fibre frame.

Step 1: Designing a frame on paper (design, geometry, material choice)
Step 2: Creating the new frame in 3D by using CAD software. This allows one to endlessly adapt and alter the frame characteristics if necessary.
Step 3: Create the carbon moldings by using the 3D CAD drawings (blueprints).
Step 4: Cutting of the rough carbon in smaller pieces
Step 5: Inserting the cutted carbon in the mould.

After the frame comes out of the mold:

Step 6: Cutting of the carbon remains on the outside of the tubes
Step 7: Polishing of the frame (several times)
Step 8: Painting of the frame
Step 9: Testing of the frame by special test machines (resistance, durability) and by riding the frame on the road (handling).
Step 10: If testing requires further tweaking of the frame in order to improve the quality, restart at Step 2 and start the fine tuning of the frame.

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