Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Ride

Since I'm not really sure of what to write on, I thought I'd let you know what I'm riding these days. I was busy at school with a lot of engineering work, but thanks to Shickluna bikes, they built some new components into what I was previously riding. I loved the bike then, I love the bike now. I rode about 3500 miles this season, with my limited time, and that includes two centuries. Hopefully, she'll come with me for a 100 mile ride in Cayuga, which we've been thinking about for a few days now.

The ride characteristics are good but depends a lot on the rider! If you dress well and you're upbeat, this baby will take you fast! I'm usually that way, so she has not disappointed me.

Specialized Allez, used it for 2 years, and since I've a special attachment to it, no I'm not going to carbon.

I'm old fasioned so I like Dura Ace 9 speed on her.

SRAM PG cassette, absolutely durable and decently lightweight

My pedestal, the loyal servant K-Force Light, nicely adorned with ceramic MEGAEXO outboard bearings

This is like a sofa, Selle Regal. She's so rare, she had to take a trip from Australia.

Zero gravity brakes are a fine piece, but I wouldn't say there any better than the brakes out there. Maybe this would do better with a set of BHP brakepads.

The beafy Zipp 145 stem

The medley of blue and silver Nokon cables delivers decent looks with smooth shifting

The handlebar tape is unique in itself, it plays in light, and is washable! I like to stand out a bit here and there...Nokon's deliver a clean look to the front.

Speedplay Ti Zeros, the next best thing after my shimano mountain pedals! No really, shimano's rock! :)

Cables and housing routed underneath the handlebar tape

USE Alient seatpost, very light and very strong. I've had no problems with it for a year. You should check out the clamping design, very unique, but they could put more thought into making disassembly easy. C'mon USE....

CateEye takes a shut-eye...she's a little..err..shy

Outboard bearings, a new thing in bottom bracket technology..sort of...

Cock-pit, rider-pit whatever...

The highly recommended racing set of Pro 2's with exceptional low rolling resistance...I think I wrote a post on these so check it out..

Bettini is not the only one to sleep with his bike in the hotel... shown here are my three bikes, a Trek fixie, a Bianchi steel for ultra long rides, and my race bike..if I only paid more attention to cleaning the room up..

Weight as built on my Ultimate Digital scale = 17.45 lbs. I'm pretty happy.

Thanks for looking. Leave a few comments if you'd like!

Happy weekend. Ci vediamo...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Luis, I appreciate your pics & stories so much. I grew up in East Aurora (am now in North Carolina), & cycled all over Cattaraugus, Chautauqua & Erie Counties. You are 100% correct: It's great cycling country. Sometimes a little bumpy but generally not much traffic & mostly friendly motorists. My favorite ride is probably on Route 16 South of Olean, but of course inside Allegany State Park is certainly nice & I'll never forget the view coming South on NY 240 just before you get to NY 242, North of Franklinville. There's some good brown trout fishing around there, too.

Additionally, I got a 4-year degree at Allegheny College (Meadville PA), & often rode my 10-speed between there & home in East Aurora. The roads in PA coming NorthEast from Meadville had some 10% grades, but all of the way it's nicely paved.

Anyway, thanks for the memories.