Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Russian on towering climb

I was just noticing today's stage profile on the Vuelta. Stage 4 would not seem any arousing were it not for this towering climb, jeez, that road opens up to the sky like the mouth of a whale. Lagos is touted as the most emblematic climb of the 3 week race. Congrats to Piepoli, the climber from Italy and the Russian Efimkin. (Its a bit ironic though that Piepoli was aquitted from "doping allegations" for taking the same medications as Petacchi did prior to the Tour de France. Doping decisions are all over the place...)

I have been attentive to Rebellin's results. 5th in stage 2, 4th in stage 3 and not a bad result for stage 4. Overall, he's 64th in the classification, just one down Paolo Bettini! Thats awesome. Watch out for these two guys, among my favorite cyclists. I should be watching some more bike races, have no time really. School's getting in the way! :(

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