Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two Crits, and the wonderful UB Cycling Team...

Nice Ritchey stem

Admiring the 400's, not the ugly legs...

Early morning registrations... yawnnn

The starting stretch of road

Who is this guy, and what is he doingg?

Guys you do fantastic work. Please post results online though !

Finishing stretch..

EG Edwards TEAM member with a UB Cycling LONE team means hardcore right?

Thats right, there could be two crits for me this week. One at UB and the other at Niagara Square on Labor Day weekend. Sweet! I can't wait to race them, learn and try to stay with the pack. Jesus! Its been so difficult, my speciality is chasing at crits really! I want a promotion!

I have a major problem with losing my momentum on turns. I have no idea why it happens. I'm debating the pros and cons of knee out, idle cornering or cornering with legs still churning the air.

My bike could use a few grams less on the rear side.

And I could use some race !

Holy macaroni!! Where are those Toy Fest Bike race results??? I thought I did pretty well compared to my other races and now here I'm going nuts looking for the results. Funny, this was the first race I stayed with the 26mph pack for almost three quarters of the race. The rollers weren't anything close to unnerving, but then at one point, I found myself at the front of the pack pushing air and I said to myself , 'What on EARTH am I doing?!!'

Within a few minutes the whole field splintered across the roads...the difference was, I didn't cause it. I went back with those guys, and the front pack flew by us on one of the climbs. There were maybe four or five groups after that point, not sure. I thought I was riding alone until two guys joined me from the back and we honed it home taking turns to pull. At the final stretch, I let the two riders sprint among themselves. It wasn't like I was going to gain much by a one second difference, besides my left calf was sort of misbehaving lets say. A decent day on the bike, in the end. I was happy for a short 30 miler. Turns out I finished somewhere mid pack and a host of riders were to follow behind me. Nicccceee 'damage'!

The situation of UB Cycling "Team" sucks. There isn't much coherence, most members are on local teams, we don't do much quality riding or training together. No one shows up on group rides, zero people around in summer and long winters don't help too much. There isn't a coach or anyone certified to back up the team with sound training advice. No one watches our backs, we do the wrong things, pick up mistakes, and its hard to correct them later. We overtrain at times, mostly I think we're UNDERTRAINED. Stress is placed on designing and buying crappy jerseys and wearing them , zero team training, and losing the handful of bike races we go to. Zero interest in freshman orientations, wise man President I hear wants to loot club money for jerseys and so on. Its just drama, I often wonder. Where is my team?! The enthusiasm I showed now and then last year to pull out a couple of people for group rides didn't work its magic, so now I hardly care. Let someone else do that, let me race solo in my jersey... classic case of the Renegade Bike Rider..

Its just recently that developments have been popping up (check out the UB Cycling blog in my links).

Meanwhile, as and when I get the toy fest race results, it will be going online here on my page.. aha! No more guessing games, dear sponsors!

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