Tuesday, August 21, 2007

'06 Tire Rolling Resistance Test Results

There is often a tradeoff between getting the lightest bike tire with lowest rolling resistance, and punture protection. Sometimes it gets even more confusing when other variables are thrown into the picture, so you're often left with the question "Whats really going to be good for me?" What do you do, pay more and get sketchy tires or pay less but get weighty but durable ones?

Germany's Tour magazine had published the results of rolling resistance tests for clinchers to go along with their previously published testing of tubulars. All the tests were performed at the Continental Tire facility.

The results.



Before running off to nearest bike store, think about the validity of the tests. Indoor, controlled environment, and 18 mph. Hmm..
Next. Clincher tires actually perform remarkably well as compared to tubulars. For example, the widely popular pro peleton tire, Michelin Pro Race 2, actually has much better performance characteristics (low rolling resistance) when compared to a tubular like veloflex. So don't let anyone beat you on the topic that tubulars are the king of tires.
Also think about how marketing and actual testing is at opposite ends. Tufo's website is filled with promises about how their tires perform, sadly they are at the low end of the tire chain here. So hype and high costs doesnt necessarily translate to good products.

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Anonymous said...

Rolling resistance test like this are useless. Tubular are better, but this is due to air volume. A drum test will show good results with stiff sidewalls even, as long as the rubber is thin. Real time side loading and scrubbing will show that a stiff bumpy riding tire (any 23c clincher pumped to optimum pressure) will be lifting the rider over these bumps on a small level. Everyone agrees clinchers have a harsher ride for a given size, if not they have not ridden both veloflex tub. and a any brand 22c clincher.
This is a prime case of idealizing a stiuation and bending it 180 degrees from the truth. and we have not even talked of weight. Remember rims strips and tubes also.
while not a clincher or tubular advocate, these results mean Nothing. I believe I could go into much further detail as to why, but nothing to prove...just opinion.