Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Tour - A Pharmaceutical Farce!

Right. Thats what reporters are calling it.

Believe me, no one can cover cycling like in a controversy. As you might all be knowing by now, the CHICKEN has been thrown out of the Tour. Within 24 hours, there were 1000+ news articles covering the story all over the internet.

Christian Moreni is the latest suspect for a positive testosterone test. His team, Confidis, is sent home and Bradley Wiggins is just pissed off! Cant blame him, after putting the best of his training to the test, he must have rode the best rides of his life so far. Now he has to sacrifice everything that he came hoping to do because of an idiot in his team. What a shame!

Now what is this year's Tour coming to?

Race organisers say the Tour will go on. Others, like this reporter, firmly thinks that the Tour this year should be pulled off under the legs of the riders, so that everyone clearly understands the severity of the embarrassment to the sport. We may be left to ask ourselves, what is the future really of this sport. Is a 100 years
just too much for the Tour to take, and as if out of some magic book, all the evil knowledge of human body and the pharmaceutical industry are taking out the very substance of the grand race - a showcase of pure human performance, mental and physical.

Its funny. He claims that Alberto's potential Tour victory will leave fans and sponsors politely accepting the fact, but now will start to ask , 'How did he beat the dopers?!' Silly as it sounds, thats how grave a situation the sport is. The Tour winner may no longer be a public hero, because he can't be a champion for his own sport. He leads a bad example. He may no longer be a climbing God, or a sprinting rocket. 

All the credits for those performances will be taken by the pills at the pharmacy.

Or someone else's blood.

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