Saturday, October 7, 2006

Top Thrill Dragster Redesign Concept - Part 5 (Contd..)

In June 2005, the Dragster, in the midst of normal operation, stopped dead in its track at the very peak of ascent. It remained there for almost 20 minutes until maintenance could get to it via an elevator, needless to say that such a situation in its initial moments of taking place would have caused sufficient fear and anxiety for the passengers as well as their families and friends watching below. This problem could happen in the future, unless a contingency plan is developed instead of choosing to elevate a crew member up to 420 feet in the air to resolve the issue. We feel that :

The kinetic energy imparted could have an extra margin of safety just to ensure that it clears the top. Some kind of chain or pusher mechanism can be included in the track design for the peak portion of the ride which could kick in at times such as the one mentioned above.

Through proper communication with the public regarding comfort and ergonomic issues , and subsequent analysis and redesign, the ride can be greatly improved and people will be greatly satisfied with the thrill and the added comfort and safety.

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