About Me

I'm a 30-some year old engineer. There are lots of other things I can tell you about myself but when I talk, people usually will start leaving the room.

I'm interested in some obscure areas that a large majority of people, to be honest, are not so concerned about from an academic standpoint.

For instance, I engineer turbo-machinery, a word most people will have trouble spelling. They are huge pieces of machinery with rotating blades to impart/extract energy from fluids.

Outside of my day job, I have an interest in climate modeling in order to understand what the reasons behind why our weather have changed since long periods of time.

My grad school research was in transportation emissions inventoring. I thought about a novel way to model vehicle tailpipe emissions using floating car GPS data obtained from GPS service providers in major cities. In another year, I investigated what could be the effects of driver behavior and driver aggression on traffic congestion indices. Unique areas of investigation. I'd be happy to lend you support if you have an interest in these areas.

I've a growing interest in the science of sports and the application of technology and interpretation in training. I run Running Power, a Google Forum for the discussion, critique and applications of running power meters. Again, obscure things few really know about.

I have a great personal interest in the quantified self movement.

I'm a private practitioner in heart rate biofeedback. Some of my research interests are in how HRVB can be used to find the optimum time windows to train for sports, how to use it to track and improve human resilience during adverse scenarios as illness, depression, stress responses from exercise and so on.

I founded Right Shift Performance, a multisport performance team in Abu Dhabi partnering with local businesses to support athletes in triathlon, duathlon and cycling/running races in and out of UAE. The main purpose is to provide a platform for the development of young and old athletes of Indian origin and provide a rich ecosystem in terms of knowledge and tools to support.

I founded a friendly running club in Abu Dhabi called House of Runners. The aim of the group is to promote performance running and technical knowledge in advanced running topics. A short piece about the club was featured in Timeout Abudhabi (see link).

Part of my interest in forming running groups came from past experiences leading group runs in the United States among colleagues I worked with. A shared sense of wanting to get healthy and optimize life habits gave great impetus to this personal passion.

Another project I'm actively working on is documenting the rates of running related injuries (RRI) in my community of runners. I formed a database to collect those injuries and report what cures people sought for them. The database is unique in that it documents common injuries and locally relevant solutions people sought.

If you'd like to consult with me (or help me out in some of my efforts), please drop me a line at my Contact Page.

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