About Me

I'm a 30 year old engineer and have been a resident of Dubai since 1989. You can call me an expat kid, never having to worry about the daily realities of growing up in a developing country. That is my fortune and I'm humbled to accept that. I've had a 10 year stint studying and working in the U.S after which I re-established myself again in UAE. 

Such a life allows me the free time and convenience to dedicate to thinking and writing about some pressing techno-economic issues of our times.  I'd like this blog to be a career workbook to drop a few crucial things I've learnt over the course of my several jobs, particularly in the oil/gas industry. It is also a placeholder for personal hobbies and independent projects I'm pursuing. If time allows, I'll even put together my family tree here but that's a longer term goal.

I'm the organizer of a meetup in Abu Dhabi called House of Runners. The aim of the group is to promote performance running and technical knowledge in advanced running topics.

Please note that the ".com" domain name is an unfortunate tag. This site makes no money and offers no platform for commercial advertisements.

If you'd like to consult with me, drop me a line at my Contact Page.

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