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There are a couple of ways to connect with me.

Email : If you want to tell me how much you hate me, you can write me on my email address at "ron dot r dot george at".

Linkedin : Here is my linkedin page, where you can network with me, either for a career proposal or an expertise request.

Twitter : I'm on Twitter with more than 1000 followers. Do add me and we'll tweet and retweet! @RonGeorge_Dubai

Facebook : We can also pretend to be facebook friends and poke each other once in a while. My profile page is at this link.


Johannes Hofbauer said...

Hello George,

I remember your great blog about my work a couple of years ago.
Unfortunately I dont use LikedIn,
This is my facebook Site for a Invention.

Best wishes

Ron George said...

Hello Johannes,

Ofcourse I remember you. How are things now? I like your passion for music, sounds like you're coming up with new tunes every year. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

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