Saturday, July 3, 2010

Doping Cheat Lance Armstrong Gets Further Exposed

Few publications deliver the credibility needed as the Wall Street Journal. This latest and exclusive interview that the WSJ had with disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis (see below for fullscreen reading) exposes the systematic doping practices of himself, Lance Armstrong, Johan Bruyneel and sundry in the past Tour de France's. Along with it comes a some unexpected chills. There is shocking revelation about aspects such the team selling their own bikes to raise money for doping (see more here), married man and father Armstrong going out to strip bars for years with his cocaine indulging friends, how team helpers got rid of blood bags down the toilet, how doctors "prepared" the riders for performance, so and so forth.

You may accuse me of acting on sound bites but I'm no fool when it comes to "blindly taking faith" when reality is fraud, whatever the business maybe. People have lost dignity and their self respect in the quest for money and glory, be that in cycling, soccer, baseball or the corporate business world.

Sometimes I wonder, is it truly an American phenomena that shady individuals get to write books about their "great victories" or do reality shows on television, and then stand to make unimaginable sums of money by defrauding people? When in trouble, they are able to hire expensive lawyers who are experts by training at poking holes in stories to help their disgraceful clients get away.  To cushion against a fall from grace at any time, among their insurance policies are forming relationships with big political names, giving generously to charity and using social media to deliver propaganda.

The die-hard fans who sit blindly and accept such behaviors are arguably immoral themselves or plainly unable to exercise their own brains. Their excuses for continuing to support these idiots are : "there is no proof", "this is hearsay", "he's inspiring", "he's done so much for this cause" and so on. Sadly, common sense is rare and that has been a constant since the Neanderthal man.

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