Thursday, May 20, 2010

Floyd Landis' Letter Of Confession

Remember the Floyd Landis Fairness Fund? Well, we now know that was an outright lie. An interesting letter surfaced this morning. A pdf copy of the same gets uploaded to this Scribd account and is attached to this post below. Hit "Fullscreen" and read away. Also, keep following the uploader. There's tons of material to read there, specifically about doping.

Other sources in this developing story are the Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian. Bonnie Ford of ESPN also wrote here of her interview with Floyd. Related to this are exclusive audio clips from the ESPN telephone interview where Floyd speaks about how he's "clearing his conscience" and why he's doing it now.

The Science of Sports blog, which I greatly enjoy, had this to say on the matter. 400+ comments from readers go along with the Yahoo Sports' story about the confession. Cycling News' Clinic is also roaring with discussion about the same. Keep it alive, "BroDeal" and "RaceRadio"!

WADA has released an immediate but weak statement in response to these allegations. Most interestingly, Paul Kimmage had this to say about the affair to the Irish radio. Greg Lemond released a statement supporting Landis.

Pat McQuaid
on the other hand, who appeared on the Irish radio show a bit later, questions Landis' credibility and fires back "what is his agenda??" Armstrong, as usual, insists he has nothing to hide and declares he doesn't want to waste his time. The same day, he crashes and abandons the TOC. Hmm...

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