Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Stupidity X

An inanimate Italian female who goes by the name of CERA Pillone, has been linked to another breakup in VeloWood. Ricco's girlfriend Rossi confessed her secret love for the smoking hot nutritional supplement leading to the couple's breakup last week. This is the same Pillone that Ricco had been supplementing on last year, slurping her up with unabashed lust. This year, he has a problem with his others supplementing on her. What the fish? CERA was not available immediately for comment but she did release a statement a couple of years ago hinting that she loves to be dirty and caught in other's... urine samples.

In other news, prominent cycling commentator Paul Sherwin was caught red handed checking Phil Liggett's profile on Facebook and chatting with him, when the man was sitting right beside! Both may have to dig deep into the suitcase of spatial awareness.

And finally, the Radiostack, err I mean, Radioshack kit confirms why black still has most dignity. Failblog might be interested in this material.


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