Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogger's Dad Is A Flight Survivor

Fellow cycling blogger Don Jones' father Donald Jones Sr was one of the 155 survivors from the US Airways Flight 1549 that crashed into frigid Hudson Bay on Friday (see a video of the crash coverage). Its a miraculous story considering how the pilot landed that Airbus with such precision onto the water without any catastrophe. Don, who's an award winning TV news anchor for NBC 17 Today, remarks this is the best news he's ever covered.

Suggestion to Don : When the splurge (bloody goo) of the birds that went into the engines have been taken to the feather lab at the Smithsonian Institute and identified for its species, you should probably host a community cycling ride with the name of that bird to remember this miraculous occasion.

A small secret : On late Friday after the world knew of the flight accident and that everyone aboard was safe, I emailed the pilot Cpt. Chesley Sullenberger a thank you note for his professionalism, even though I had nothing personal to do with the incident. Now with Don's news, it turns out that the exercise was pretty worthwhile after all.

Don has been a faithful reader of this blog for a long time. On one occasion, he made headlines on Cozy Beehive after showing us his cool camera warped photo of his bicycle spokes. And I made an effort to explain the characteristic spoke warping effect. Well....kinda....

You can read Don's cycling blog here where his dad describes the ordeal.


David K. said...

That's really interesting that Don "made the headlines on Cozy Beehive". Ron, that means you can put people in the headlines! What a privilege and special ability!

Bike_Boy said...

Nothing short of a miracle. I'm happy for him and his family.

Bluenoser said...

I'm glad that everyone was safe ron and I'm sorry that it was Canadian geese that caused the fall.

But I love how in the news clip the guy said he was really worried about the people if they were in the frigid waters of"Hudson Bay"... no wonder the plane hit Canadian geese.