Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quarq Powermeters Sponsor Cervelo TestTeam

Along with the news that Quarq is sponsoring the Cervelo TestTeam, engineer and company founder James Meyer also informs me that his second generation of powermeters called Saturn are out and in stock (1,495 bucks a piece). I'm not sure if the newer models are just aesthetically pleasing or if there's any other genuine improvements in the hardware and software. For now, you'll just have to stick with their stock cranksets and 130mm bolt circles strictly. It is incompatible with any Shimano or Campagnolo based crankset, since they have an integrated spider and crank arm assembly. Hmm... so suffice to say, I'm waiting for Jupiter.

UPDATE 12/17/2008

The new Saturn design supposedly improves the stability of the calibration when changing chainrings and also is more consistent and faster for the company to produce. All the electronics are the same as the first generation CinQo.

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