Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tour of Bradford PA, Into Allegany State Park NY - Day 2

40 Miles
3700 Ft of Climbing

In the previous post, you all saw my foreplay with Bradford, PA... riding there from home, visiting some local hills and getting some good climbing done.

Well, I asked myself whether that was it? Surely Bradford had to offer some more beautiful roads to ride on.

And so I took one look at Hedgehog Lane and Interstate Pkwy, and knew it would be a good one to climb on. Hence began another day 2 in Bradford, PA.

Hedgehog starts in Western Bradford, offering 2 miles of 7.2% average gradient, and another 1.3 miles of really fast descent, taking you underneath a picturesque canopy of yellow and orange Autumn flora.. the feeling of riding it is indescribable. It then connects with Interstate Pkwy, where 3 miles of almost 5% gradient takes you into NY and into the southern portion of Allegany State Park, with 65,000 acres of primitive woodlands, amazing lakes, and varied wild life welcoming you at the top of the climb. Nice!

If you're ever visiting Western NY, I tell you, don't miss the State Park! You won't find this in your city!

So we're going west of Bradford here, on Washington Street

Pennsylvania Country

Moving further on Washington Street

Take a right here onto Hedgehog Ln

....and prepare to climb

2 miles at average 7% grade

Not a single vehicle in sight....C.I.P - Climb In Peace... but relax, don't make that R.I.P

At the peak of Hedgehog, at about 2350 feet above sea level

.....and the downhill.! Feel the freeze breeze skimming your face!

Lets take a left onto Interstate Parkway...

...and climb some more

Almost 3 miles of 4-5% grade

This road will take you into the foot of the Allegany Forest

...and there we are!

Having made it to the Park alone, I met with my friend Jo Ann! Here she is flying down this descent like nobody's business!

We're riding the State Park Route# 2

Just follow the road, and eventually you'll hit Red House Lake, at the heart of the Park!

Well, what do you know! Jo Ann, a self confessed blog-reading maniac, is a Fat Cyclist fan! She tells me those jerseys fit like a glove. Well, Fat Cyclist....say hi to your tifosa from the Southern Tier!

More shots of Red House Lake. Just look at those folks enjoying the Fall summer, will you?

We did one loop around the Lake and called it a day!

... buckle up in the car, lets get the hell out of here!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Certainly NY has some of the most amazing scenery, yet when you tell people about NY, they at once think of the cluster phobia that is New York City. Thanks for sharing!

bmike said...

taking me back to when i lived in wny... pretty country. don't know how many times i've driven the southern tier. passed the exit for bradford many a time. dropped in once or twice too.

yes, nys can be beautiful - just need to find the right spots.