Monday, October 20, 2008

Adventures Closer To Home : Haskell Flats

2300 FT of Climbing
39 Deg F (3.8 Deg C)
Saturday, Oct 18

During Giro di Lombardia weekend, Wachovia rider Dave Kina came down from the village of East Aurora NY to ride with me in my current hometown.

We call him Neon Thunder because in hard wintry conditions, he can be seen rocketing across East Aurora on my blindingly neon green vintage Bianchi Virata. But for our ride today, he used his Specialized super duper carbon fiber bike. On Halloween, he plans on putting neon handlebar tape on his handlebar, tricking the Bianchi bike out with neon cables and wearing neon spandex. Atleast that's what he told me. Okay, I'm not sure if that'll work out, but on Halloween, anything goes right?

So on this slightly cold Saturday morning, we decided it was best to keep it short out there but climb as much as possible to keep some blood flowing in the muscles. Which is why I love the place where I live. You can only go up! The terrain here in Cattaraugus is on steroids.

We hit some short and steep uphills, with 40% dirt roads to keep it fun. Biking in the Haskell Flats is a very peaceful experience.

Dave was pretty pleased cycling in Cattaraugus. His comments post ride were this :

That dirt road was old school Paris Roubaix euro style. Even though it was tough that was worth the effort. And that hill that we stopped on to do some pics had a lot of character. The scenery was about 10 times best than what I'm used to around here. That felt like I was in a new land or country.

The pictures :

Neon Thunder fully armored with neck scarf and ski gloves (neck scarf is cool!)

Riding out of Olean, NY

Genesse Street

Windfall Road

Windfall Road

Gradient kicks in

Dave on the crest

Nice day out for cycling!

Paved to dirt

Steep dirt

Fast, sketchy downhill

Dave loves to climb. He just has to stop to puke now.... (nah, jk)

Sherlock Hollow

Wolf Run Road

Right onto Lillibridge Rd, one of my favorite climbs!

Lillibridge gains gradient

Say, will Wachovia still sponsor after the financial crisis?

Getting steeper

I love this curve and uphill on Lillibridge.

1 mile at 8% grade from hereon

The view from up there is great


Downhill on dirt

Going back to Portville, NY


I live at the foot of Mt. Herman, taking his blessings before every ride

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