Friday, September 12, 2008

Memorial Beam Message

Today was the 7th anniversary of September 11.

I joined hundreds of New Yorkers to sign one of two 37 foot steel beams from the collapsed WTC towers. This week, the beams will be finally put in place at Ground Zero as part of the new Freedom Tower Memorial in Lower Manhattan.

I saw many hundreds of heart warming messages and it was difficult to even find a spot to write on.

But I'll tell you this... there's just one bike on the beam.

I'll Remember You When I Ride - Ron


Anonymous said...

ur part of history!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your message about groud zero. I attended services at the United Flight 93 site near Shanksvile, PA. The bells tolled for the Heroes and rang for Liberty. Flight 93 site is on a PA bikeway, well marked by signs. "Let's Roll".

Anonymous said...

Not a bikepath. PA has road trails marked by signs all through the state. Corridors N,E,S and W. A few use rail-trails as part of the route, but mostly its is back roads that are appropriate. The E-W corridors can be very hilly, over ridge and valley topography. Maps are available somewhere in the Commonwealth website. Bring your climbing bike.