Friday, August 1, 2008

Tour de Cattaraugus Area 7 : Portville and Around


Our gang got together after work hours to ride a fast one to Portville and around, crossing slightly into PA and back up.

On way back to Portville, we took the a nice gradual climb known as Lillibridge Road. For all the feminine sweetness contained in its name, this one becomes a bitch towards the end when the road is unpaved for a half mile or so.

But we could take that just to get to the top, where the views of Haskell flats and Lake View Terrace were gorgeous.

The custom among riders here is to bring beers along on the bikes, get to the top of Lillibridge and chug a few down.

The merry descent on the steep downhill that follows is always a fun thing to experience.

Just keep tabs on the brakes though!

Left to right : Ted Branch, Mike Higgins and Tim Maxon

Ted remarks sarcastically how he hit 300 miles on his cyclocomputer at the moment the shot was taken, with 15 miles/week all season & Mike cheers for him on the right

Views while climbing Lillibridge

The top!

Wait, somethings! Standard victory salute

Nice bikes for everyone...just got to work on ourselves now. :)

Showering in the sun...rock on! On top of Portville and surroundings (~2000 feet) You better sweat or you'll chill here.


Donald said...

Nice ride Ron and the last sun picture is cool too. Looks like you've found some really good roads in your new spot.

Ron said...

Oh I absolutely love it Don. Its such an encouragement and a breather just knowing there are nice places to ride out, especially after sitting for 8 hours inhaling stale office air.

Groover said...

This is one nice victory salute shot. Look at the size of those quads!

Ron said...

Haha, I take that as a sarcastic remark. I'm nowhere as sized up as some of my other riding buddies, who get all the points for freaky calves and ripped quads. At the end of the day, they dont climb hills as well as me, thats all :)