Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Tour de Bemus Road Race

32 Miles
2300-2400 Ft Climbing

A very hot day on Saturday saw me and my buddy, Neon Thunder, from East Aurora at the Tour de Bemus Point - a hilly, 32 mile circuit road race in Bemus Point, NY. Thunder's familiar Red Volkswagon Golf is always a pleasure to be in and Thunder happens to be a good driver...well, most of the time.

Neon Thunder

Bemus Pt is a lakefront village on the shore of the Chautauqua Lake. On a summer day, its gorgeous to be out here, especially by the waterside. Go motor boating, scuttle through myriad restaurants, buy ice cream, or take a break at the park - do whatever you want and chances are it could be pretty relaxing.

We decided to go to this race pretty late in the week, and my legs were already tired from commuting by bike to work everyday, climbing intervals on Monday and Thursday and whatnot. Nevertheless, I just decided to stick in the pack somewhere, or ride my own race. No records to be broken here.

A small but competitive field turned out for the Cat 4/5 race.

I've heard of 'rape by force'.

But this is the first time I've seen 'rape by presence'. Team Hollyloft was everywhere! It almost looked like this race was going to be a mega team time trial for them.

Hence, my team, team AA, a.k.a the teamless team was far overwhelmed through seeing dull yellow and orange jerseys all day. You know, they should re-design their jerseys so that those behind looking at them get angrier and race faster.

Wait, is that a valid excuse for poor performance?

Anyway, so the race consisted of a 9.1 mile basic loop that we went around for 2 laps. The initial sections are nowhere flat and its demanding to be at the front here and not lose touch with the pack. Its a no-brainer that you must be pretty fresh for the day and good at climbing to have any lucky chances.

Basic Loop - Laps 1 and 2

The third lap was the basic loop added with a bonus half loop, presenting us with a surprise climb.

Lap 3 - Bonus loop with bonus everything...

Some riders I talked to said the bonus deal was totally unnecessary.


Remember this though. Racing is all about driving an average of 50 miles from God knows where, paying 30 bucks to enlist in a pack of riders as confused as you, getting dropped on a course someone else decides, and finally driving back home, paying for gas both ways. This is the hard life of an amateur "competitive cyclist".


Bonus Hill - Roughly 2 miles at 4% grade

All sarcasm removed, kudos to all in Team Hollyloft for organizing a good race weekend!

Results Cat 4/5 (Click Here for Other Results)

Registration area...after the race

Start/Stop Point

Holler gets third!! Hollyloft %$#^#$!@!!

Blue overkill

Lunch at the Italian Fisherman (If you ever find yourself at Bemus Point, don't miss out eating here)

The back of the Restaurant has a floating deck

Sangies.... Fresh Catch Of the Day! Yum.

Awards ceremony over on the other side. We wont be receiving any today....

Chill and watch the water as you lunch

Occasionally, an old person trying to tie his boat to the pier and about to fall off into the water will provide entertainment.. okay, I shouldn't laugh about that..


Dave said...

Ron, what does AA stand for? What I know AA for best is alcoholics anonymous!

AMRcyclist said...

That looks like a tough course. I would love to have a go at it... Must pay a visit one day.
But U$30 entry fee? S**T, that is a lot...
Now... that's what we call a "fish-burger"!