Friday, July 18, 2008

Low Power Wireless Powermeter Technology

The engineering magazine Design News had a 3 page article on the usage of the latest wireless power meters by Olympic cyclists and coaches. This appeared in its 7/14 issue.

However, the meat of the writeup is around the latest buzzword - ANT wireless technology - and the background work of Dynastream Innovations INC which made this protocol. ANT, designed for communication between sensors and sports equipment, is an attractive low power alternative to Bluetooth and Zigbee wireless networks [See Bluetooth and Zigbee].


Ron said...

Yup I think I noticed that when I checked out their collection a while back. I like the watches but they're up there in price also.

Right now all I need a watch for is to wake me in the morning up for office :)

Ron said...

Ha, I missed that one. Yeah, sure looks like he's got 3, maybe its just to make a photo statement for the article.