Friday, July 4, 2008


Stage 1 of the Tour de France will kick off from the colorful city of Brest, supposedly the western most city in mainland France. Just imagine the revenue from tourism all those little towns will generate. When the Tour started off from London last July, a financial boost of 115 million Euros was estimated for the city by the Transport for London department.

I'd like to be upbeat about clean riders coming to the starting line, but a recent post from Belgium Knee Warmers (Hit or Miss) about the alarming inability of French testing agencies to accurately detect EPO in blood samples has got me rethinking the situation. Oh well...we'll see how it goes.

So happy July 4th, and ofcourse, happy Tour de France! Its an occasion with a life of its own, isn't it?

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Chris said...

I am fully prepared for another doping scandal. I hope there isn't one, but the Tour usually disappoints in that respect.