Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Shorts

1. While lightweight carbon frames have nothing to do with cycling performance, they are absolutely critical in this situation.

2. Continental borrows the condom vending idea for its "tubes".

3. This summer, just pull down someone's pants to know what sport they're into. Make friends!

4. The KING of all punctures. Bow down and pay your homages.

5. New meanings are added to the Lore of the Victory Salute post. Read if you haven't dared to.

6. I thought the dorkiest cycling commercial would be the "I am Tom Boonen I am Specialized" nonsense, but seems like Selle Italia has taken over. This video can happily kiss our bottoms.

7. While the spectators began leaving and the podium was taken down, an aero trike crossed the finish line in record time. Say, have you kept options open and ever explored walking.....

8. Last but not the least, on a more serious note, Dave Moulton highlights the colorful history behind the Paris Galibier frame design, legacy of the late London frame maker Harry Rensch. You can argue why or why not his design was superior to the traditional diamond truss by heading over to his blog.

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rigata said...

too funny!