Monday, April 7, 2008

To Warsaw and Back

Distance : 45 miles
Total Climbing : 5500 ft
Avg. Temperature : 45 F

We headed to the town of Warsaw NY this past weekend. Along the way were some sick climbs and super fun providing cute tingly feelings in the legs. The fabled Centerline Road below East Aurora consistently pushes bike riders a few times to 'happy land'.

I'm not sure if there was ever a flat section of road that Saturday.

I love country

Andy Burke drops a bottle (he also rides aerobars up hills ... hardcore..)

Here comes a sweet 1 mile climb, average gradient 8-10% at best


All these hills can't be bad for Battenkill, "Queen of the American Classics". 2 weeks to go and time to PEAK with a juicy spicy taper.

Guess who?

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Rachel said...

I love that! Never heard of Warsaw NY, but now I have. You look like you had fun!